Marianne Raous

"I have been working for ten years as a photographer. Despite the fact that I live in the South of France, Amsterdam has been among my first subjects, and has remained the most central one through the years. What else could a photographer ask for? Elegant curves, surprising perspectives, infinite red and brown shades of the bricks, water reflections, stunning lights and skies... Less delivery trucks maybe? They have sometimes driven me crazy by parking on a bridge at the very moment the sun was getting out of the clouds! I see my work as a way to share the moments, early morning with no one around, or sometimes rush hour, surrounded by a busy crowd focused on the way back home, when I witness a great light underlining the beauty of the city. The result are rather complex or dense images, far from the very peaceful and sober pictures I like to work on in swamps or seashore landscapes. I hope you enjoy them!"