Alexandre Coric

"Freelance Photographer, Alex always had an authentic and sincere yearning for photography. Based on his ability to connect with the outer world he has built real competencies in capturing beauty around him through light composition. Photography is like a second nature, he is living through the lense of his camera, a real light addict. He has attended and delivered several workshop from basic to medium and advanced photo-workshops. Also studied Art History in the Carlos III Madrid University and in Amsterdam he frequently attend lectures in the Stedelijk, FOAM or Huis Marseille. He has a wide experience in all aspects of portrait, food, image bank and visual corporate identity photography. As an officially accredited photographer, Alex also works as a guide with Vayable in Amsterdam. He is currently involved in various freelance assignments in and around Amsterdam. Alex’s success to date can be attributed to a solid background in business and project management which has given him a firm footing in the business world. His 12 years at Mercedes Benz have taught him the importance of bestowing value to the image. Using state of the art technology and paying close attention to detail, he achieves stunningly beautiful images of the historic city of Amsterdam. His motto used to be ‘The Best or Nothing’ His new one is: ‘One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes’ «