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Catalogue No.BSTW001
LocationLos Angeles
Print QualityFine Art Digital Print

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Tom Waits, Los Angeles, 1975
by Barry Schultz
An intimate portrait of Tom Waits during an interview for Dutch music magazine OOR. In the 1970’s Tom Waits was living in the dingy Tropicana Motel in LA. The picture was taken in the coffee shop of the motel. Waits had a piano in his tiny kitchen on which he composed many of his songs.
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  • Tom Waits, Los Angeles, 1975
Barry Schultz was lucky to have photographed some of the biggest and most important names in rock music during the 1970s. It was a wonderful and crazy time. He had no idea that he was recording (rock) history. Nobody knew. They were all young and working in an industry that wasn’t considered an ‘industry’ at the time. His two homes at the time were Los Angeles and Amsterdam.
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