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Catalogue No.KTBRHA001
Print Qualityfine art print on baryta paper

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Herman Brood and Andre Hazes
by Kees Tabak
Herman Brood and Andre Hazes, Carré Amsterdam 1983. Dutch rock legend Herman Brood and Dutch folksinger Andre Hazes appeared together on an Amnesty International night
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Andre Hazes (1951-2004) Andre Hazes was a Dutch folk-singer who was first discovered on the Albert Cuyp market, one of the Amsterdam day markets. His breakthrough came in 1979, when he was working as a barkeeper in Amsterdam. Andre had numerous hits in the Netherlands and Belgium.
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A photographer is catching souls and his portfolio is the collection of what he caught. I started in the early eighties as a rockphotographer. My work was mainly black&white and made in obscure dressing rooms, squatted buildings and hotel rooms. It creates a moody atmosphere in the images. Nikon FM with a 24 mm lens and 1600 asa tri-x film. Later the stars came to my studio, black&white became colour and I used different cameras and experimented with light. In the meantime we have entered the digital age but I still love to do black&white photography. There is nothing I like better than photographing people in all facets. An image without people is like a house which is not being lived in. I love people and the way they sparkle on my images.
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