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Catalogue No.CGEU001
LocationBrussels Paris
Print QualityDigital gelatine silver print

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by Claude Gassian
Eurythmics Brussels - Paris 1986
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  • Eurythmics
In the early 1970’s, Claude Gassian began photographing his favorite musical artists. Over four decades later, he has developed one of the most significant visual archives documenting the icons of contemporary music. More than simply portraits of well-known musicians and performers, Gassian’s photographs are part of his greater search for that beautiful moment beyond the immediately recognizable. Presented with the obvious celebrity of his subjects, Gassian persists until he catches that individual mood or private thought behind the very public personality. In the process, Gassian captures a feeling that eclipses the subject itself. Many of Gassian’s images have been published in numerous magazines, newspapers throughout the world. Currently, living and working in Paris, his work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Europe and in the USA.
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