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Catalogue No.JMJC001
LocationNorthridge, California
Print QualityFine Art Digital Print

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The Doors, California 1967
by Jim Coke
Jim Morrisson of The Doors at the Northridge festival in California 1967. The Northridge festival was organised by the city of Los Angeles as an answer to Monterey. It featured a.o. Jefferson Airplane and The Doors and Canned Heat as the main-act. It was only two weeks before Light my Fire would reach the no. 1 in the Billboard 100. Jim Coke found a spot on the stage where there was no equipment but had to move constantly during the energetic perfomance of Morrisson.
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Long Beach photographer Jim Coke attended the Northridge Festival in 1967 with only 2 rolls of black&white film and documented the legendary performance of the Doors. Only in the 90’s he rediscovered the negatives. One of the pictures was turned into a mural in Long Beach for Morrisson 70th birthday. It shows Morrisson holding the microphone with two hands and as the image was turned it seems like Jim Morrisson is flying like a rock&roll superhero.
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